Digital Electronics Lab

The B.Tech program in Electronics and Communication Engineering Courses at PIT Udaipur has been approved by AICTE since 2008 and involves mainly those subjects that teach the students about design, analysis & application of electronics & communication circuits.

The curriculum recognizes six possible tracks:

  • Circuits and Systems
  • Software Development
  • Communication Engineering
  • Computer Systems
  • Control and Measurement
  • Mathematical Skills

Electronics and Communication Engineering industrial training courses is a part of the curriculum where students have to work in an industry which is related to their area of interest for a minimum period of 4 weeks. Essentially, this gives them an exposure to the technology in practice and industrial environment.

Besides the industrial training, there are other activities that help the students prepare for the work-life ahead:

  • Seminars included in the curriculum helps them to experience self-learning and develop communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Research Activity in the department encourages them for innovations and lifelong learning.
  • Workshops & Conferences held at the department and institution level provides them with the relevant exposure.
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Electronic Devices Lab

It is a multi-track program where a student can achieve in-depth knowledge on one track with a working knowledge in multiple tracks through an appropriate choice of elective courses.